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BiliPic Smartphone App

The BiliPic smartphone app has a dual function of providing parents and health workers easy access to training modules about jaundice in multiple languages (public access) and measuring plasma bilirubin using the BiliPic assay (registration required, Contact Us). Plasma bilirubin results are transmitted to a secured cloud platform shared with referring hospitals and investigators.

Stop Kernicterus International

The BiliPic system components are integrated by the “Stop Kernicterus International” service. Like the smartphone App, Ski has both public and protected functions. Ski is developing an extensive multi-language resource library for training parents and health workers. It is the center-piece for receiving, storing, analysing BiliPic and manually inputted clinical data, and creating reports. It networks primary and tertiary patient care, and promotes low-cost quality phototherapy. 

The smartphone app and SKi service were developed in collaboration with faculty and students at Seattle University.



We have demonstrated that educating health workers and, more importantly, parents is critical to reduce delayed care seeking and kernicterus. A library of training materials developed by the SKINN consortium and others (translated to many languages) are provided via Stop Kernicterus International service. Parent Information about jaundice (English) can be viewed here.


We assist medical consortiums, associations, and governments to implement cost effective comprehensive programs to stop kernicterus. The Stop Kernicterus International service can be adapted to regional health delivery structure, socioeconomic and cultural issues, and resources unique to clients.

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